natural cooling towers manufacturer

WJT Series - Natural Cooling Towers

Jet Type Tower & Parts

Natural draught jet type cooling tower works on water jet principal. In this system the required amount of water to be cooled is sprayed from top of the cooling tower through special jet nozzles. When water comes out of nozzles, it forces the air column in the downward direction of the cooling tower resulting in the low pressure zone inside of the cooling tower. Due to this process atmospheric air comes inside the cooling tower for the required heat transfer of the hot water to be cooled.

Tower Columns

Tower vertical columns, cross members & supporting members are of heavy MS angles, Tee & channel sections coated with FRP for resistance against corrosion.


The louvers are made of fiber-reinforced plastic molded in thickness of 2.5mm. Shapes & pitch of louvers are designed in such a way that maximum strength & minimum drift losses are achieved.

Spray System

The spray system is designed to achieve maximum water surface area per unit volume of tower with specially designed jet nozzles made from polypropylene. Pipe headers & branch pipes are of galvanized steel.


All necessary hardware for assembling the tower & basin are hot dipped galvanized.