frp cooling towers manufacturer

WCF Series

Salient Features

  • Designed for maximum service life dependability and performance.
  • Readily adoptable for industrial processes, DG sets & Air conditioning.
  • Designed for unifom water distribution and optimal heat transfer.
  • Consumes minimum power due to high efficiency of Axial flow PVC fan sets.

FRP Cooling Tower & Parts

Structure :

The Structure of Cooling tower is fabricated of MS profile which are hot dipped galvanized to prevent from corrosion. The whole cooling tower is fabricated in pieces & bolted together to facilitate easy shifting.

Casing & Sump:

The tower casing is made of FRP which encloses the Splash Bars serves to isolate air stream, which passes over the Splash Bars.The casing shape is of curtain type which reduce frictional resistance of air and aid air flow pattern.

The sump serves the purposes of collecting the water descending from the Splash Bars and channelling it to the suction point. Further the sump also acts as a reservoir of water. The sump is also made of FRP and has similar characteristics as the casing.


Louvers are in FRP are provided to prevent contaminants like leaves, birds etc. entering the cooling tower & to facilitate the air entry in to the tower.

Hot water Basin

The FRP Hot Water Basin is used to distribute the water evenly over the cross section of the tower.

Distribution Box

The distribution box serve the pupose of channeling the hot water to spread all over the fill area evenly to provide maximum efficiency of the cooling tower.

Flower Nozzle

The PVC Flower nozzles are used in hot water basin to sprinkler water all over the splash bar area & operates under gravity.

Fan Cylinder

The fan cylinder is made of tough fiber glass reinforced plastic and has sufficient structural strength to withstand high wind velocity & vibrations emanating from the motor and other equipment FRP cylinder has a high impact resistance when laminated with lsopathalic Resin and even if damaged is easily repaired at site. The cylinder is in sections of easy to handle sizes and is assembled at site using bolting joints.

Splash Bars

The Splash Bars section is designed to bring intimate contact of water and air so as to facilitate heat and mass tranfer at the same time aiding in proper and even distribution of air and water over the cross sections, while maintaining minimum pressure drop. The Splash Bars are of C section and perforated from virgin PVC for excellent resistance to corrosion and give maximum area wettage.

Grid System

Spash bars are supported on SS304 grids which assures positive & permannent positioning & allow splash bar to stay on its sting with the help of PVC tie clip.

Drift Eliminators

Drift Eliminators, made out of UV resistant rigid PVC, are designed to remove entrained particles from air stream efficiently, with minimum pressure drop, thereby reducing the fan power requirement when the air passes through the Drift Eliminator.

Cross flow tower applications, the almost vertical water conduits provided by drift eliminator remove the water droplets out of the drift eliminator area and return them back into the tower and does not allow any re-entry. The special locking pin arrangement facilitates quick and simple assembly at site.


The PVC fan is an axial flow, multiblade version with PVC blade section and adjustable blade pitch. The fan is designed to deliver large volumes of air at low power consumption and low noise generation. The fans are dynamically balanced for smooth operation, longer bearing and more life including that of the supporting structure.


The fan drive motor is in IP55 weather proof design. The fan is directly driven by the special extended shaft motor made from EN8 steel mounted facing downward on a mounting frame on the top of the Cooling Tower.

Technical Dimensions: FRP WCF Series (Dimension Data in mm)

Model No. Length Hieght at Fan Cylinder Motor (hp) Fan Dia
WCF 0117501500450
WCF 0217501500450
WCF 0319001800600
WCF 0419001800600
WCF 0519001800600
WCF 06112002200900
WCF 07112002200900
WCF 081150024001200
WCF 091150024001200
WCF 101180028001400
WCF 161300040002100
WCF 171300040002100
WCF 181300050002400
WCF 191360050002400
WCF 201360050002400
WCF 211450058002700
WCF 221450058002700


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